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What is Chiropractic?

The General Chiropractic Council describes Chiropractic as:


"A healthcare profession that specialises in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions that arise from mechanical dysfunction of muscles and joints and their associated effects on the nervous system"

When we look at this description, the most important stand out aspect is the Nervous System. I often emphasise to patients that the affect of spinal manipulation is more than increasing function at a local region (i.e the joint). In fact, there is some recent evidence that suggests manipulation doesn't even change the amount of movement through a joint, yet patients frequently experience an increase in range of motion in the area. It is possible that the immediate changes experienced by patients are at a neurological level rather than at a structural level. 

Why Chiropractic?

I won't say anything for this one, maybe this will persuade you instead.

Of course, functional muscle testing is only a small part of what we do. However, it is the perfect way of highlighting the immediate effects of chiropractic care. These result will fade with the effects of day to day life, training or trauma, hence it is important for the patient to continue through with their rehabilitative and corrective exercises.

Whats The Evidence?

Evidence for Chiropractic Care and Manipulation is always growing. I have decided to put together a small video for you guys to take a look at and read through just summarising just how effective Chiropractic care can be. Not only for spinal complaints, but for a wider range of conditions. Take a look, its not too long and isn't too boring either! 

"Move Well.Move Often"

- Grey Cook 

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