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Diagnostic ultrasound (US) has been described as the most practical, rapid, cost effective method of obtaining images of the musculoskeletal (MSK) system. The use of diagnostic US has been used for imaging structures involved with the diagnosis of inflammat...

In Part 1 of this Blog we discussed the potential causes of back pain in the sporting adolescent. Although there are some sinister causes of Low back pain in this age group, it is important to recognise that in most cases it is self limiting and completely benign. Howe...

Initially, it is important for you, as patients, to know that as a Chiropractor we are able to refer for further investigations such as MRI Scans and X-Rays. However, currently as far as I am aware, Chiropractors do not have any ability to refer to the NHS for these sc...

Whiplash is a commonly discussed topic amongst health care providers today, discussing everything from best treatment protocol to delayed onset.

It has even been discussed amongst those of the highest prestige in the Houses of Parliament. With the UK being named Whiplas...

So, after an 8 week trial,  we have treated a number of complaints ranging from Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathies, Trigger Finger, Calcific Tendinitis, Tennis Elbow as well as Gluteal Tendinopathies. The results thus far have showed significant improvements ac...

Hamstring injuries are far more common in elite sports than anybody would like, they can be notoriously frustrating and problematic for both the athletes and clinicians alike. The old analogy of prevention is better than cure is the centre of attention now more than ev...

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Back Pain in the Sporting Adolescent - Causes of Back Pain? - Part 1

November 5, 2017

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